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The world of vogue is ever-changing, introducing time and again new trends to be embraced and imbibed in one’s curations. And so, we provide a very flexible service of exchanging old jewels for the latest designs we house.

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One of our aims is to help you get the most out of your jewels. And so, we offer Jewellery Appraisal to assure that your masterpieces continue to be mesmerisingly magnificent. Do get in touch with us to book a consultation and viewing!

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All our pieces come accompanied by the guarantee of impeccable craftsmanship and top-notch quality. Our Walk-In Quality Analysis is yet another offering that helps maintain the value and purity of your jewels over the years.

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We realise that everything related to your wedding needs to be perfect. And so, we present our dedicated assistance to all you brides-to-be for the curation of your trousseau. To make an appointment for the same, simply fill out your credentials below and one of our expert consultants will contact you within 48 hours. If you require immediate assistance, feel free to call us directly.

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Jewellery Care

  • Avoid any kind of contact of your jewellery with harsh chemicals, chlorine, hairsprays, perfumes & make-up
  • Wear jewels only after you’ve applied your make-up and perfume, as these can affect their shimmer.
  • Use only a soft chamois cloth to clean your gold jewels so as to maintain their lustre.
  • Always store each jewel separately. Gold is a very soft and malleable metal, and can get easily scratched by being rubbed against other jewels.
  • If you wish to clean your diamond jewels at home, use very lightly soaped warm water and a baby brush, with soft bristles.
  • We do recommend periodic cleaning of diamond jewels, as dirt and dust can accumulate on them, blocking light and making them appear dull, dark and lustreless.
  • Jewels must only be worn once you have applied your make-up and perfume.
  • Do wrap your jewels in white butter paper or a soft muslin cloth in order to protect them from turning black due to oxidisation.
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